Wednesday, September 15, 2010

“Hey, how is the trophy shop going?”

Ever feel you just always struggle to fit in? There is no mould that fits to help ground people so they immediately understand what you do. I can say Berkeley Tandem and Fusion Frames can certainly be a miss-fit in the recognition world.
We are not a trophy shop. We are not a custom framer. We are not recognition program designers. Though, in many ways methodologies do over lap. We also over lap in marketing, graphic design, product design and interior design. When it comes to designing something that hangs on the wall in a franchise, yes the interior people are involved in the decision-making.
Well what are we then? We are a hybrid company. We are designers. We are manufacturers. We are LISTENERS. We are unique. We are flexible. We fit where we are wanted, needed and appreciated. We work best with companies that have a vision and a purpose established with their recognition program. And this vision needs a strong graphic representation in a framed object that will be given to appreciate, thank and or honor the recipient.
Like most miss-fits, when we finally find where we are wanted, appreciated and needed, it is a great experience. You are a company that wants something different when you work with us. Yet, there is an undercurrent of traditional recognition that is desired. It is a special niche. And you expect service.  Part trophy shop, part framer, part product designer; our offering should feel it is built especially for your needs.
“How is the frame shop going? People still buying certificates?” I smile and say “Yes, it is great.” Knowing it is not that simple and there are customers that truly understand what we do and apply it effectively within their business recognition. Wanna know what makes us miss-fits? Call us today. 800-833-4438 or visit one of our two websites and

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