Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day Post

This is Fusion Frames' second year to participate in Blog Action Day. This years' theme is Climate Change. And awareness is half the battle as we all look to reduce our carbon footprint and help make the world a cleaner, more environmentally stable place.

Action Day is on" October 24. The International Day of Climate Action will cover almost every country on earth, the most widespread day of environmental action in the planet’s history.

There will be big rallies in big cities, and incredible creative actions across the globe: mountain climbers on our highest peaks with banners, underwater demonstrations in island nations threatened by sea level rise, churches and mosques and synagogues and ashrams engaged in symbolic action, star athletes organizing mass bike rides—and hundreds upon hundreds of community events to raise awareness of the need for urgent action." This comes from the website 360 which profiles the "Day of Climate Action" and the cumulative world voice calling for help to change the course of human contribution to global warming.

Fusion Frames' customers run the length of political belief. Recognition and certificate frame buying does not draw a left or right line in the sand. Some customers are hard-core recyclers and stewards of the environment. Others are skeptical global warming exists. The world is full of opinions.

At Fusion Frames and Berkeley Tandem, Inc. our opinion is that business practices which fight global warming are also good for the bottom line. To quote Patty Calkins, Xerox's global VP of Environment, Health & Safety, "Firms can indeed implement sustainability policies and strategies and see their efforts positively affect bottom line results." Patty's profile page on the Xerox website is awesome. She has a video and white pages. It is an excellent reference for any company looking to take action for more sustainable business practices. We look to Xerox as a model since we use printed paper & wood products. This is not politics for Fusion Frames. It is good business and the important benefit is leaving the earth for our children to enjoy as we have.

I hope this post can raise awareness and move business toward green operational practices that are no longer seen a political choice but accepted practice for better business and a better world. Happy Blog Action Day.

Monday, October 05, 2009

HRevolution Anticipation: Part A

HRevolution is a no-profit event for HR bloggers and aspiring bloggers being held in Louisville November 6-7. Fusion Frames is a committed sponsor of this HR tech event and I'll be attending. This un-conference is a bit of a paradigm shift for me. I have my company wondering what in the world I am doing and how this will translate to sales? And I could care less if I make a sale. I may show up with postcards to put in bags, maybe a poster or sign? But, I'm tempted to show with nothing but my sponsorship check, a smile, and a listening ear.

This has been an incredible journey to become involved with this online group of HR professionals. The appeal is broad sweeping. And it all started with a twitter connection to guest blog in order for me to jump-start blogging about HR and employee recognition. I stumbled on Steve Boese and he was gracious enough to let me participate in a blog post swap. My blog has yet to really flourish but, my connection to my HR customer base has grown in ways I never expected.

The bigger connection is what takes place beyond twitter, on blogs and at conferences, conversations about how technology is transforming how people connect, find common ground and move beyond surface introductions. These people I will meet with in Louisville are online friends. I know about their families, what food they like, what beer they drink. The camaraderie and HR team building fundamentals are all right here online. Now facilitated by an HRevolution handshake, eye contact and making this cyber-tribe real.

I hope to find my blogging voice in Louisville. And I look forward to collaborating, learning and sharing perspective on what I feel is going to be THE cutting-edge HR tech conference of the year. People coming out of this conference WILL be the ones spreading the social media seeds throughout the HR profession, changing the way HR and business thinks about social media.

I feel like I'm gonna be sitting in on something big. A break through. Kinda like I felt several years ago when I was asked to design a platinum record award frame for this band I had only recently heard about called... Rascal Flatts. See you in Louisville!

SHRM Attendees Reminder

If you visited our booth and picked up a postcard at your Middle Tennessee or Kentucky SHRM conference be sure to sign up for your complimentary frame. Information about how to apply is printed on the conference postcard. We hope you will take advantage of this *free* offer. Expires November 1, 2009.