Thursday, July 01, 2010

Your Customer Will Notice

It is a busy night at my favorite local restaurant. We are on a wait. I notice in the waiting area there is a wall of certificate frames promoting the business' latest success and employee praises. There are quality awards for sanitation, employee safety and the classic employee of the month award. There are community philanthropy plaques and softball team sponsorships. As a customer I love this wall of fame. My quality perception of my favorite restaurant goes up because I see a business that cares. And they care on many levels. The food and facilities matter, their employees matter and the community matters.

A certificate frame is an easy cost-effective way to show your customers all you do to support your business success and your community success. Create a quality program within your business or recognize your best employees each month. And let your customer know. They want to know and they will notice. Show them with a certificate program and be sure to "frame it."

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