Thursday, October 21, 2010

Avoiding the Broken Glass Certificate Frame

Customers must trust our shipping methods to know they will receive a quality product.

Our glass breakage percent in shipment is extraordinarily low. Approximately 2% - 3% of our frames will break in shipment. Usually rough handling by our shipper of choice causes this: Fed-X ground. It happens but, rarely.

Why? Our product is designed from the ground up to minimize breakage. We think about it at every step from product design to packaging. All of our gift boxes and ship boxes are custom made for each frame style giving us an advantage that pays off in the less product damage.

Hey Fusion Frames I was one of the 3%, now what? Just email us and we will replace your frames for free. We stand by our guarantee that your frame will arrive in the best condition possible. So don’t shy away from glass. It is the most professional presentation possible. And Fusion Frames can give it to you, worry free.

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