Monday, December 04, 2006

Employee of the Month

Our EOM frames are inventive! "Paper plaques" allow easy monthly changes that can include a picture or your corporate logo. Purchase re-fill paper and use them year after year.
The dimensional shadowbox presentation will be the show of success and employee pride. These EOM frames were also used to promote the Lions Gate film "Employee of the Month" with Jessica Simpson.

Monday, November 27, 2006

NFIB Article on Effective Recognition

For recognition to be fully effective, it should exhibit several characteristics:

  • It must be earned or deserved; if it isn't, it will immediately be seen as flattery or manipulation.
  • It should be consistent. Inconsistent recognition confuses recipients, and unequal recognition comes across as favoritism.
  • It must be timely. Much of the value of day-to-day recognition lies in its immediacy. Personalized, spur-of-the-moment recognition is highly valued.
Read more in this good article posted on the NFIB website.

Welcome to the Fusion Frames Blog

This blog is devoted to certificate framing and recognition. As Fusion Frames begins building its online shopping exposure, I hope this blog can become a good resource for recognition ideas and recognition resources. Our goal at Fusion Frames is to provide customers with a great product that is attractive and modern. It should be as easy to give as it is to receive.
Visit and see what we think is the most innovative certificate frame you will find in the marketplace!