Thursday, January 29, 2009

Social Networking Our Way Out of Recession

Twitter, Blogger, Digger? Where is the recognition market online? As part of our marketing plan I spend a few hours a day reading blogs on recognition and I'm always looking at what products are being offered in the recognition industry. I love reading HR blogs that talk about recognition, what works, what does not. I love looking at marketing ideas in other industries to see how they might apply to us. Many within management at Fusion Frames question how valuable my time is surfing the net, commenting on blogs, adding our URL like fairy dust around the world wide web.

My thought is this: if I can use my market research time online to help create conversation with vendors or marketing experts or EVEN CUSTOMERS then I am gaining ground in our online presence and learning ahead of the curve. The specialty product future is online. So you better be building your brand and carving your niche. You want certificate frames? Google us! We are THERE.

Who are my online idols? Who is serving their niche well?
And of course:

I think we can be way better in the certificate frame niche. And we need to work on our other major key words to move our way organically into those markets. I'll be announcing how in the months to come. In the meantime I get to twitter around on the internet and call it work.

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