Monday, March 23, 2009

Our DSA (Direct Selling Association) Membership

We are excited to be supplier members of the Direct Selling Association. This is a membership that puts us in touch with a long list of famous direct selling companies like Amway and Mary Kay. We have a long-standing relationship with DSA member Southwestern Great American, a sales school for college and university students. Students come from all over the world to participate in Southwestern’s summer program. From these students, companies are started using the capital, support and resources of the SWGA business incubator. From that relationship it was suggested we offer our certificate frames and framed awards to the broader DSA market.

These DSA companies are the ultimate cheerleaders. Sales recognition is king. These organizations are no longer the “door-to-door” sales people of the past. They are sophisticated marketers with the goal to shake a hand and build personal relationships that endear their products to their customers. Whether it is home selling or Internet marketing, the goal is to reach customers on a personal level and affect lives doing it through the products they produce.

We feel Berkeley Tandem & Fusion Frames is a perfect DSA fit, offering the opportunity to customize certificates and frames to recognize sales performance and achievement. Adding that special, personal touch to an award is a hallmark of recognition. The ideal is to capture the DSA market by retaining program customers and developing custom framed product lines that fit recognition goals. We are pleased to be a part of an organization whose philosophy of personal selling is aligned with ours.

If you are a DSA member look for our booth at the national conference end of May and first of June in National Harbor, MD. We are on the waiting list for a spot. DSA is in high demand!

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