Monday, July 13, 2009

Thinking Out of the Plaque Box

With all the new technology around makes mementos for an employee’s wall is not so daunting anymore. While the engraved plaque is the standard, and somewhat expected… try the unexpected with a certificate frame. A certificate can be designed to carry corporate branding along with unlimited appreciation text at no extra cost. Add a photo and you have something that is way more personal than a plaque.

If you make a mistake on the inscription, re-print and replace. Most certificate programs can be set up to work with MSWord. And the mail merge option through your award recipient spread sheet makes multiple award inscription a snap. While there are many wood style and metal style frames on the market today, you can always fall back on the plaque base with the certificate slide-in.

Consider the cost of a framed certificate is 25-50% less than an engraved plaque, the certificate frame is worth a 2nd look.

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