Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Recognition Does Not Have to Be Predictable

The dull wall plaque is out and colorful promotion with great copy writing is in. I love that graphic and product design is catching on and is carrying more importance in recognition as a way to carry a unique personal message.

Where our frame products break away from this revived emphasis on design is our product's ability to flex graphically on the mat and certificate. If you can foil it or print it our designers can develop a unique award message for your certificate frame that matches your corporate message. Using stock sizes gets you the price break you need to keep your costs in line. You cannot beat the affordability of paper material as well as the environmentally conscientious choice.

One great example of “recognition design gone wild” is Baudville’s new branding initiative “Exclamations Line” which is awesome. Saw some great things come out of SHRM09. Why does recognition need to be predictable? Well done Baudville! We love their certificates too. They look great in our frames.

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