Monday, October 06, 2008

The Sky is Not Falling

Opportunity is ripe in down economic times. Product options abound for employee and donor recognition choices over the net. As budgets tighten we are certainly seeing a move toward our lower priced product. But, recognition is even more important now in order to boost morale and say thanks for a job well done, show confidence in your workforce and display company financial health. The little things still matter.

We will all weather this economic climate. Fusion Frames feels the ecommerce side of our business is a great example of how global and national economies are strongly linked. The internet does not build a brick and mortar industry in a community, but spreads that wealth out in a ripple effect world wide. Everyone will adjust to this new economy. We are far too resourceful not to come out ahead again.

What is Fusion Frames working on? I hope you will see a re-vamp of product lines. Maybe even a bargain basement category to move inventory that we have in small quantities, allowing you to take advantage of great prices. We feel offering great value will be important in the months to come.

Here at Fusion Frames we are constantly using technology to re-invent ourselves with the goal to best serve the national and international business community with our unique award products, certificate frames and customer service. The sky is not falling. Though my 401K is.

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