Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Biggest Motivation-Killer

An article explains THE motivation-killer in the workplace. Employee cynicism is the answer and the article does a good job suggesting how to shake it. One of the ways mentioned is to recognize an employee’s cause they believe in, either in or out of the workplace.

Employees are spending 1000’s of hours of their own time volunteering for causes that mean something to them. And how can recognition of that volunteerism give way to less cynicism in the workplace? We see this trend in our business through the “volunteerism phenomenon”. And, most commonly, matching donor funds are the way companies help employees give back to the community

What are other ways to draw attention to good deeds accomplished by employees? Our case study/example uses Asurion’s model for praising employee’s volunteerism. They use our certificate frames for their “Employee Wall of Fame” that recognizes employees that are volunteering in the community.

The model comes full circle when your business asks your employees how their volunteerism can directly affect your customer? How could your employees improve your customer’s lives in some way? Then the synergy comes full circle, not only affecting morale, but affecting sales as well by building relationships with customers and your employees.

See the full article.

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