Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Back of the Frame Matters

As a framer of awards we have learned that the back of the frame matters almost as much as the front. Some customers have let cost conscious choices drive a simple cardboard back. But, in the end, what is not seen does matter when you are at an award ceremony. You are passing the frame like a plaque or trophy. To see a cheap brown cardboard back is not what the recipient wants to see. It is not attractive.

We are re-tooling the back presentation of our wood products to standardize our products. All backs will be flush black chip board or a professional craft paper dust cover similar to a custom framer. If a wood frame is used, the door back will need to cover the wood frame or the frame molding will need to be painted at the same quality as the front. Our molding manufacturers are game to make the change. And we are excited about adding another level of quality to our wood frames. Our metal and poly wrap frames already come with clean black flush backs. I'll be glad to see the hardwood frames have the same look and feel.

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