Sunday, October 07, 2007

Increasing the Local Profile

We find ourselves giving more and more money to our children's schools, volunteering more and more time to committees, and donating to auctions, book sales and bake sales. When our son's elementary school lost a corporate sponsor we thought we would step up. One of the sponsor's responsibilities was to provide certificates for Honor Roll. Hellooo Fusion Frames. I took a little time to re-design the certificate and slugged our website in 6pt type along the bottom edge for free advertising. Why not? Louis says... not our market. True, one frame for a kid's honor roll certificate is not the business growth direction we need. We are not the local plaque shop. But, it is all about volunteering, giving to the school (which we'll do anyway). So why not try to get back something in return? And if not, well, we have great looking Honor Roll certificates. Before shown on top, after on bottom.

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Lori K said...

Well, the local families may not be your market, but you never know where some of the other parents work and how they may be able to spread the word.
Thank you so much for commenting on my neglected blog. Evey thought and prayer helps support us in this journey.