Sunday, September 30, 2007

Online Marketing

The fact is: not even a 3rd of our business is from online sales. Why the buzz about online marketing? Are our customers online? That is a bigger question to answer. We spoke with an online marketing consultant last week. Chip was impressive. He knew his stuff. It really made me think about our growth directions. It is all connected. Yes, we are reaching customers by Google Adwords. I'm in agreement with Rick & Louis that we need to move into vertical markets. The pot of gold is not exclusively with Google. It is the fact of our market. Chip's background is gaming. That whole market is online. We have to diversify our marketing to reach customers. I think the website is more of a tool to hold onto customers and give them an easy way to buy our products. Here is a link of note that we should certainly pursue to achieve that goal of "website as tool." It is all about service and recognition... no matter how you approach it eh?

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