Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Guest Blogging HR

I am very excited about participating in an HR blog exchange the coming weeks. I will be paired up with fellow blogger and twitter friend Steve Boese. Steve is an HR technology consultant with experience in both telecommunications and higher ed. You can read his blog http://steveboese.squarespace.com/

To quote Lisa Rosendahl at HR Thoughts "A blog exchange is a simple idea where two bloggers are paired up with each other, and each submits a 'guest post' to their partner's blog, hopefully done in more of less the style and using the 'normal' subject matter of the host blog. So each blogger gets a chance to stretch a bit, potentially writing about something new, and perhaps altering their style a bit, and hopefully most of all having some fun."

Being involved in this exchange, to me, is a great example of the power of social networking. Steve and I will collaborate on our blog post subject matter adding a new perspective to each others point of view and with hope adding rich content for our blog readers as well as other audience members of the exchange. That is the idea, gain a collaborative audience, work up some interesting material and tap the wonderful resources social networking seems to reveal every day. We will see what interest it sparks. We will tweet and blog about it. Makes me want to "fluff" my blog a bit eh?

All of the participants are:

Steve Boese - Steve Boese's HR Technology Blog - Twitter user name - sbjet

Lisa Rosendahl - HR Thoughts - Twitter user name - lisarosendahl

The HR Maven - HR Maven - Twitter user name - thehrmaven (The Maven really knows how to brand)

Trish McFarlane - hr ringleader's blog - Twitter user name - Trish_HR

designtwit -Fusion Frames- Twitter user name designtwit (this is me)

Steve Urquhart - Talent for the 21st Century - Twitter user name workforce101 and Talent421

Beth Carvin - Nobscot's Weblog - Twitter user name bncarvin

ImJustAGoyle - ImJustAGoyle - Twitter user name imjustagoyle

Margaret Murphy - MYFUTURE MYSELF - Twitter user name murphymargaret

Lois Melbourne - Aquire Blog - Twitter user name loismelbourne

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